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Wall Street Journal online article linking to my City Pages piece on why Brett Favre should be booed at Lambeau Field:

Wall Street Journal online article linking to my City Pages football column on race and the NFL:

Wall Street Journal online article linking to my City Pages World Baseball Classic column:


City Pages Archives:

City Pages print edition

2012 Basketball:

2011 NBA Favorites for

2010 Baseball Favorites:

2009 Baseball Favorites:



Brett Favre and Cal Ripken: Ironmen Akin?

Randy Moss interviews Randy Moss

Brad Childress fired by Vikings

10 Ways the Vikings season can get more bizarre

TCF Bank Stadium: Video of the "Hopeful Shovelers"

Leslie Fraier finally gets his "Super Bowl Shuffle" verses


Why Favre will be booed in Green Bay

New Orleans and Twin Cities share Championship hopes -- and droughts

The Big Queasy: Vikings fall to Saints in OT

Brett Favre "Mississippi Mud Rustic Facial Hair Formula" MOCK VIDEO


Fantasy Football:

The "Gus Frerotte Doll":

Wildcat Offense:

Somewhat true Paul Ferraro timeline:

Jared Allen:

Judd's Oil Wrestling loss and Football Game

Playing game with the semi-pro St. Paul Pioneers

"Big Brother" contestant battles City Pages sportswriter

Sports and Society:

Social Media and sportswriting: A match made in court?

Bill's Gun Shop has ladies locked and learning

Dos Equis advertising and the Modern Male

In the Woods of the sexes: What Tiger's mess says about men & women

NBA Rosters and Race Demographic Per City Population

Head Game: What would you do if concussed?

Race and the NFL:

My sports page, my penis:

Weekend with a sick Gambler:

Minnesota Titles:

Minnesota Champions: the forbidden fruit


Bryan Bros. Band at BNP Paribas (for ESPN Music)

2010 Olympics:

Video instruction at St. Paul Curling Club

Judd's twisted Olympic Fantasy

Top Minnesotans at the Olympics

Food & Drink:

Maverick's Roast Beef

Referent Vodka from Moscow on the Hill

Serving a Super Bowl feast -- Jared Allen-style

Schmidt Brewery site poised for Redevelopment

St. Paul Grill Scotch Club

"Cocktail P.I.": Barrio in St. Paul

Naturism at Rising Sun Farm in River Falls, WI

MN Twins deliver for Boys & Girls Club dining and bar event



2008 Baseball:

For my 2008 Minnesota Twins archives for City, please click here.

Or, please select from a few of my favorites from the 2008 season:

Twins vs. White Sox, Game #163:

Naming of Target Field:

Ways to Prep for Playoff Enjoyment:

"Justin Morneau, Secretary of Labor":

Impression of ESPN's Tim Kurkjian:

Interview with Perry Castellano, Twins trainer:

Interview with Bruce Miller (HOK Sport), designer for Target Field:"

Interview with Sean Foreman, founder of

"Joe Mauer, Return of the Mack":

Twin Cities' Media Medals:

Baseball 101: Carlos Gomez and the Bunt:



Horse Racing:

Literary Essay:

"Knock at the Door," and "The Devil and Denny Hocking" from Whistling Shade

Life in Prison:


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